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Decking out the Chapters

I recently received feedback of The Finding from my cousin, and he suggested that I add more artwork to the book itself.  So I’ve been thinking; that’s a pretty good idea.  So, along with the never ending loop of editing book 2, ‘The Beginning (along with all my other projects ;) ), I’ll be working on small black and white sketchings { or maybe I’ll make them colored illustrations – but they’ll show up B+W in the book :(   } that will be included in the next update of The Finding.  Right now I plan to have them entered at the start of each chapter, so we’ll see how it goes.  It all depends on how much time I’ll get to actually work on them and how long it takes for me to be satisfied with the “finished product” :D .  Until then, happy reading!
p.s. – if I feel inclined to do so, I’ll post previews here as I produce them. 

-J.E. Johnson

     I used to be very proud of the fact that I could, nearly every night, remember my dreams the next morning.  Now I’m lucky if I remember one a month.  But I shant be disgruntled or depressed that this “gift” of mine has diminished, for I think I know why this has happened.  Ever since I started writing, and writing seriously, I haven’t remembered my dreams as frequently.  So this, I have concluded, is the reason why.  I have a theory, though I may be wrong, that for years my imaginative side (which is a pretty big part of me) was building up its supply of ideas during the night, desperately seeking a place to go.  Now that I’m pouring out all of that creative angstonto paper (or, my laptop screen to be more precise), the turgid flow has calmed; the dam of resistance (my not realizing I wanted to be a writer) has cracked and the stories have washed free.  Oh the satisfaction of losing one so-called talent to aid in the development of another, tis very satisfying indeed.  If only it didn’t keep me up at night . . . .

-J.E. Johnson

My very first post, woohoo!!!

Greetings to all!  Yes, I’ve started another blog, seperate from Jahrra’s Journal.  Where Jahrra’s Journal will focus on entries from the character’s point of view, I wanted to use this blog to express my point of view (this may sound scary to some, but hang in there).  I’ll be using my wordpress blog to talk about anything from what it means to be a writer to the strange way the petals fell from a flower I spotted while strolling down the lane.  Who knows!  Anything could happen ;) .  Until then, good evening and happy reading!

-J.E. Johnson

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