1.)   Quickly, give us the title and genre of your book and a 30-word or less tagline: 

Cameo the Assassin~  Scarred and jaded Cameo is one of the most effective assassins in the employ of the Association, moving from one mission to the next as long as the alcohol keeps flowing.

2.)   Who is your favorite character and why?

The co-main character Black Opal is my favorite.  He’s a rather flamboyant highwayman, libertine, dandy, and all-around free spirit.  He’s definitely the most fun to write about.

3.)   If you could change ONE thing about your novel, what would it be?  Why? 

I’d tighten up the first chapter a bit.

4.)    Give us one interesting fun fact about your book or series: 

This book went through 20 years worth of rewrites, and Kyrian was the original love interest.

5.)   How can we contact you or find out more about your books? 

Kindle version:  Cameo the Assasin: Book One Or Smashwords:  Cameo the Assasin: Book One Or My website:  http://www.dawnmccullough-white.com/

6.)   What can we expect from you in the future? 

The “Cameo” books will be a series of 3 I believe with the second one being released in the fall of 2010.  After that probably something else in the dark fantasy or vampire area, that’s generally what I write.

7.)   And now, before you go, how about a snippet from your book that is meant to intrigue and tantalize us: 

Bel?” Opal woke, reaching for a pillow beside his own but found only cold, hard marble under his hand. He rolled onto his back in agonizing pain; this woke him completely. He stared up into the darkness of the ceiling, then to one side, taking in the dusty coffin. His body had merged with the sandstone floor, and he groped at his neck and shoulder to relieve some of the stiffness.

Outside the sun was bathing the graveyard in a bit of a silver glow, and Cameo was sitting on a short, square headstone, eating breakfast. She was trying to absorb as much heat as she could from the stone beneath her thighs, which wasn’t much. Faetta had two seasons, winter and summer, and summer was long gone. She watched her own breath snake around her face between bites of bread, staring at the stones in front of her. It was early, and she was barely awake. She gazed mindlessly at the grass and dead leaves at the base and their shadows in the morning light. It stretched out toward her, it had form, and a torso—the shape of a man. Not far from it was another man, a shadow of a man, and then to her left, out the corner of her eyes, she noticed another.

She took a swig of wine. She realized there was a mob of shadow people surrounding her, unmoving, seemingly waiting her out.

Opal tumbled out of the tomb, holding the back of his neck; he did not seem to be able to stand up straight.

Tell me again why I left Bellamy behind at that nice warm tavern?”

I’m not quite sure,” she said, pulling her gaze from the shades.

Fun. I actually think that was what I told him.”

Cameo appraised the purple jacket, which was much more crumpled than it had been a day ago, “That color is very lovely.”

He fixed her with a dark expression.

Wine?” she offered.

Opal turned half-heartedly back toward the mausoleum, then stopped suddenly because his stiff neck would only turn so far before it protested. “Isn’t that my wine?”

Oh, is it? It’s not too bad really—”

He took it from her and drank it down quickly.

Yes, it does a fair job of numbing the pain.”

I can’t believe you slept in that place and aren’t even slightly sore.”

She shrugged. “We should get moving.”

You’re joking, right? How about a moment to catch my breath?”

Cameo walked over to the tomb several yards away, “I need to get going.”

Well, I need something to eat, and a change of clothes.” He dashed the empty bottle against a tombstone.

She turned swiftly to look at him.

Opal was up and was closing the space between them rapidly, “Ow….” He held his lower back but kept moving in on her.

Look, if you want to work alone, fine.” He brushed past her and back into the


If you work alone, you are just a walking target for the Association,” she hissed as she came in behind him.

Opal was going through his shoulder-pack; there were paints, food, and clothes strewn on the floor. Cameo looked down at the pitiful mess, and at Opal who was ripping off his jacket angrily.

She took a step back, uncertain.

Does it really matter? You’re a target, too.” He faced her, trembling with rage, “Will I be less of a target without you tagging around?”

Me tagging around?”

Yes.” He folded his arms in front of him.

Cameo raised an eyebrow, her mood lightened. “Alright…. I’m sorry I rushed you; take your time getting ready.”

Oh, really?”

Yes, yes, take your time. I’ll wait outside for you.”

Black Opal sat back down and began to collect his things, “You could always massage my shoulders a little.” The tenor of this voice changed, “I think that would help me hurry things up.”

She uttered a bit of muffled laughter.

When she had gone, he looked down at his things, all over the dirty floor of a tomb, and sighed. He missed having a washbasin and a hot cup of coffee.